One of our core values at Warden is Caring in Community. Care is such an important part of what we do.

Through the Care Ministry, we strive to come around those who are hurting, experiencing loss, or facing a difficult circumstance with the care and resources necessary to help. Our care for one another is shown through hospital and home visits, rides, meals, prayer, listening, or sometimes meeting very specific needs of the one who are in need.  We have a team of caring individuals who are willing to journey with those who are hurting.


Prayer – we have a network of people who have given themselves to pray for you regarding any situation you are facing.

Visitation –whether you are in a hospital, care facility, or in your home if you are go through a difficult time and need a visit please let us know.

Funerals or memorials – we have trained pastors who are ready and willing to help you in this time of loss.

Christmas Cheer – We provide families in need with groceries for the Christmas week, toys and gifts for Christmas morning.

Growth Groups – Growth Groups are 6 to 12-week groups that journey together to learn discuss specific subject matter.

Small Church Groups – The very best setting for you to be cared for is a Small Church Group. Small Church Groups occur throughout the GTA and are great places for you to share with others in the journey of life.

For more information on our Care ministry, email Pastor Connie.